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Hello dear,

My name is Daria Kochneva. I have been passionate about CGI and obsessed with visual arts for as long as I can remember.

Over the years, I've been honing my skills and still developing them experimenting with textures, lighting to create highly detailed pieces in order to provide completeness and additional semantic load. My goal is to connect with myself and the audience on a deeper level, understanding the essence of material things and attempting to perceive them differently. 

I endeavor to create visual metaphors by connecting objects in a non-utilitarian way and try to take a look at material things in different not only applied senses. Through my artwork, I aim to express vulnerability and sensuality within the context of harsh mechanical brutalism, personifying and showcasing the grotesque technocracy leitmotif. Combining industrial design with complex anatomy, using the concept of trans humanism I want to reflect our existence in both the present and hypothetical the future.




Experienced 3D artist with over 5+ years in the creative industry, proficient in:
  - Character and hard surface modeling
  - Concept design within the interdisciplinary media field
  - Set designs and various items for animations and editorial fashion shoots

  - Art direction: mood board development, management of the art process
  - Providing mentorship and guidance in 3D modeling and hard surface design.


  • 3D poly modeling & sculpting

  • Traditional 2D 

  • UV mapping

  • PBR texturing

  • Grooming 

  • Strong understanding of human and animal anatomy, including bone structure, muscle groups, and other physical features, is essential for creating realistic and accurate 3D models

  • Work in organic & hard surface techniques

  • Lighting and rendering

  • Compositing

  • Photography post production

  • Proficient in software including ZBrush, Cinema 4D + Redshift, KeyShot, Substance Painter,  Maya, Ornatrix

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